Our Superior Business Model in Action

We’re true pioneers — working to improve the entire concept of dog grooming. Our services go above and beyond what most dog parents expect from a groomer, and they’re delivered in a way that works for the modern consumer.

Scenthound takes the DIY out of dog care, creating a concept that customers can rely on for all their routine dog care needs.

Here’s how it works:


The Membership

Parents choose a membership option that works for their budget and their schedule, keeping their dog’s health on track and building a strong customer relationship through repeat business.


The Scent Check

After each visit, we give parents a six-point evaluation that helps educate them on their dog’s overall health. Our genuine compassion for their pups creates loyalty with our customers.


The Convenient Locations

We actively place our Scenters in errand-intensive retail parks, with busy, frequented anchor stores. Our customers get convenience and our franchisees get greater business potential.


Dog parents today want to know that the people caring for their pups are going to treat them like the beloved family members they are. And they need to know that the entire dog grooming experience is going to fit into their busy schedule. Scenthound is meeting those needs, and exceeding those desires, one happy pup at a time.



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