The Grooming Industry Needs a Rollover


In the US, people spend more than $72 billion a year on their pets.


One of the fastest growing pieces of that $70 billion pie is the pet grooming industry. But for some reason, the industry as a whole hasn’t evolved to meet all the needs of the canine population.

The Scenthound model has unprecedented potential because we took that underserved market – the 80% of dogs that don’t need regular haircuts – and designed a system to care for their skin, coat, ears, nails, and teeth.


My first experience at Scenthound was amazing! I was attracted to Zoey receiving health and wellness benefits in addition to grooming. Love the concept. Great customer service, friendly staff!! We will return.
— angela, Jupiter, FL

We Make Good Dogs Better

We keep all dogs clean and healthy, in a way that no other business in the industry has tried, giving dog parents a firm reason to choose Scenthound over more traditional dog groomers. Our wellness-centered approach builds loyal customers who can feel the difference in their happier, healthier dogs.

Pet grooming is ready for an industry-wide evolution. With Scenthound, you can help bring the Clean Dog Revolution to every good pup we meet.


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