We’ll Help You Find Customers and Employees to Grow Your Pack

One of the great things about dogs – and it’s a very long list – is their ability to bring people together. As you start your new Scenthound franchise, you’ll want to bring together the best employees you can find and the most customers you can gather. We can help with both.

At Scenthound, we believe in a growth model in which employees move up, from Scent Tech to Trimmer, then into management. By creating our own internal training system, we promote longevity with the company and ensure we always have experienced employees ready to serve.


Greeting the Neighbors

The next step is getting dogs to bring in their parents, or sometimes the other way around. One of the best ways we’ve found to bring attention to the Scenthound brand is by getting out into the community and showing pup parents firsthand how Scenthound can improve the lives of their dogs.

We encourage all of our franchisees to find community events to attend and organizations to work with. Some great ideas include:

  • Charity events

  • School fundraisers

  • Block parties

  • Pride festivals

We provide communications and marketing support to make interacting with community organizations simple and effective.

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Giving Back

We also work with local dog rescues, through our Clean Start™ Program, supporting their mission to help dogs in need.

We know how much dogs love being together and being with their humans, and we want to bring that loving, cooperative attitude to every Scenthound location. Having friendly and knowledgeable staff, and a customer base that understands our commitment to dogs, helps every Scenthound location spread the love.

We love the idea of getting as many dogs in our community as possible on a regular maintenance routine with Scenthound’s Monthly Clean Club, and we love the idea of our dogs, here at the League, getting cleaned up and ready to find their forever homes. It’s a win for everyone.
— Rich Anderson, Executive Director, Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League


Is your tail already wagging?


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