5 Ways Scenthound Stands Out in the Dog Care Industry

Scenthound pup at a Scenter

Scenthound is a one-of-a-kind franchise opportunity. We stand out in the dog care industry and in the franchise space as a whole. Our franchisees benefit from that powerful positioning through recurring revenue, an emphasis on overall dog health, an impressive AUV, a passion for dogs and our internal training systems.

Recurring Revenue

Scenthound is the first membership-based dog care franchise. Our customers pick a subscription plan that works for them, and that helps keep them coming back month after month. This means our franchisees benefit from a recurring revenue model.

The compassion we show each dog in our care, and the education we provide to pet parents, also build the relationships that keep clients coming back. If you are looking to get into the dog care industry, Scenthound’s business model has recurring revenue – and dog snuggles – built right in.

Dog Health Beyond Dog Grooming

Scenthound offers more than other franchises. We are dedicated to the overall health and well-being of dogs. That makes us stand out in the pet care industry. We go beyond baths and haircuts, taking care of skincare, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, nail clipping and more.

Dog health doesn’t stop when pet parents take their furry friends home. So, we make sure that each of our pet parents are educated about six-points of overall dog health so that their pups get the best care possible.

$405,500 AUV

Our founders’ love of dogs turned a mobile dog grooming business into a franchise system with an average unit volume of more than $400k. The Scenthound AUV is proof that people everywhere are embracing dog wellness.

Other signals include an increase in dog parenting and an increase in pet spending. The pet care industry is booming and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it.


Scenthound was founded because we love dogs. And that’s another reason we stand out in the franchise space. A passion for dogs isn’t just the number one reason to become a Scenthound franchisee, it’s a necessity.

We’re dog people and we’re dedicated to making sure that all dogs are getting the care they need – and that their parents have the knowledge to get them that care, affordably. We’re looking for people who share our passion for pups and are eager to bring Scenthound to their communities.

Internal Training

Each Scenthound franchisee is trained on what they need to know to operate their scenter including customer service, team management and the five core areas of dog health. We also place a focus on helping you train every member of your team.

We have an internal training system designed to promote members of the Scenthound family from within. That encourages longevity and loyalty for team members and ensures that our scent techs are always the best in the industry. 

Our franchisees benefit from recurring revenue, an emphasis on dog health, an impressive AUV, a passion for dogs and our internal training systems. That truly makes Scenthound stand out in the dog care industry. If you’re ready to stand out from the pack, contact us today to start your franchise journey with Scenthound.