Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Scenthound Franchisee?


Scenthound franchisees are, of course, dog lovers. But to have what it takes to be a Scenthound franchisee, you also must be dedicated to our values. Scenthound, and all of our franchisees, operate by being dog first, one pack, bringing love, seeking growth and making a difference in the lives of everyone, dog or human, who visits a scenter. Let’s look at how important those values are to your Scenthound franchise.

Dog First

At Scenthound, the well-being of our dogs is our first priority. While each Scenthound franchise is a business, we are a business built by dog people. That’s why each of our franchisees is an advocate for the health and wellness of every dog in their care. Scenthound pup parents know that we are passionate dog lovers and that they can trust us to put their dog’s care and wellness above all else. 

One Pack

There are no lone wolves in the Scenthound franchise system. From our techs and trimmers to our corporate team to each of our franchisees, we all support one another and work toward the same mission of dog wellness. It’s important for our franchisees to be team players who support their employees and engage with members of the Scenthound corporate team. We are all part of one pack.

Bring Love

Everything we do is performed with intentional love. And it has to start at the top. Our franchisees are tasked with inspiring each of their employees to approach their duties with good energy and respect for the people and dogs we get to interact with every day. Love flows from the top of the Scenthound organization down to each of our pups and customers. And they feel it. That love is why dogs loving coming back to Scenthound again and again.

Seek Growth

Customer education keeps our customers coming back , but Scenthound believes that we can all continue to learn and grow. Beyond our comprehensive training, Scenthound franchisees are inspired to seek more knowledge and growth that will help them support their teams and care for their pups. And, because we are all one pack, our franchisees often share their knowledge and innovations with their fellow franchisees. When one member of the Scenthound pack grows, we all grow with them.

Make a Difference

We know that clean dogs get more cuddles and affection from their families. And that adds to the quality of life of both pups and their humans. That belief fuels everything we – and our franchisees – do. We strive to make a difference in the lives of everyone – canine or human – who visits our scenters. We’re also committed to supporting local dog rescues through our Clean Start program, so we can help even more dogs in need. 

Does a franchise opportunity that practices being dog first, a member of one pack, bringing love, seeking growth and making a difference sound like the ideal franchise opportunity for you? If so, reach out for more information and find out how you can become a fantastic part of the Scenthound pack.