How Scenthound Keeps Customers Coming Back


Scenthound is an attractive franchise opportunity for many reasons, not the least of which is our recurring revenue model. But how do we keep those customers coming back so consistently? Well, dog parents keep choosing Scenthound because of the customer education we provide, the compassion we have for each dog in our care and our pioneering membership model.

Customer Education

We know that all dog parents want what is best for their pups, so we do our best to teach them about the overall health of their dogs. Each of our scenters is specifically designed to educate our customers, with a wall full of information about dog health and the value of Scenthound’s services front and center.

Scenthound staff members also communicate with their clients about their individual dog’s health. At the end of each service, we provide each customer with a Scent Check that covers six points of their dog’s health. Our business isn’t just about dog grooming, it’s about overall dog wellness. And our customers appreciate that we go the extra mile to educate them about their dog’s health needs. That appreciation – and education – keeps our customers coming back.

Compassion for Dogs

The care and wellness of dogs is the number one concern of any Scenthound franchisee; at our core, we’re a business made by and for dog people. Each of our franchisees truly cares about the pups that come through their door. That sincere compassion for dogs can be felt by every dog parent that visits a scenter.

It’s important that each of our customers can trust us with their furry family member. That’s why we build relationships with each of our customers in addition to bonding with their pups. Our compassion for every dog in our care allows our customers to trust Scenthound, and that level of trust keeps them coming back month after month for their pup’s bath, ear cleaning, nail trimming, teeth brushing and more.

Our Membership Model

Consistent, repeat business is built right into the proven Scenthound business model. Most of our business comes from Scenthound members. For their monthly membership fee, Scenthound members receive B/E/N/T (Bath / Ear Cleaning / Nail Trimming / Teeth Brushing) services plus discounts on all other Scenthound services.

These membership plans make it easy for pet parents to plan and budget for their pups to visit Scenthound at least once a month, often they visit even more. Their membership means that your Scenthound franchise can continuously count on recurring revenue from a group of core customers.

We go the extra mile to educate our customers, provide compassion to every pup in our care and have a business model with recurring revenue built right in. These all keep Scenthound customers coming back again and again. If you are ready to start building your recurring customer base, and provide compassionate dog care in your community, please reach out for more information.