5 Things You Didn’t Know About Scenthound


As you consider investing in the Scenthound opportunity, you’ve probably learned quite a bit about us, our business model and, most importantly, our passion for dogs. But here are five things you might not know about Scenthound.

1.     We’re Active in the Community

It’s important for us to give back to the community, serving both dogs and humans. Our Scenthound Salutes program honors those in the community deserving of recognition, including teachers and first responders, by offering them free grooming and wellness checks for their pups. Happy, healthy, clean dogs have fewer barriers to the affection and snuggles that benefit both dogs and their extremely deserving humans.

 As part of our mission of removing barriers between pups and their people, we also created the Clean Start program. Scenthound partners with local rescue organizations to provide free services each month to adoptable dogs, to get each pup looking, smelling, and feeling their best to increase their chances of finding their forever home, in addition to increasing the dogs comfort and health. Our Clean Start program also helps newly adopted dogs stay clean and healthy by providing the new pet parents with a voucher for a free bath, ear cleaning, nail trim and teeth brushing, along with information on the importance of routine care.

 2.     We’re Specialists

“A huge differentiator for us is being UN-big box,” says Jessica Vogel, chief brand officer. Scenthound isn’t a pet supply store that just happens to offer grooming services. We focus only on dog wellness, specifically on preventative care and maintenance. We don’t just offer haircuts and nail trimming. Scenthound evaluates and maintains five specific tenets of dog health: skin, coat, ears, nails and teeth. This allows each franchisee to become the local authority on dog wellness.

 3.     We’re A Pack

While each Scenthound franchisee is an independent business owner, every Scent Tech, manager and franchisee is part of one pack – there are no lone wolves. We all support each other and work toward the same goal of removing barriers between dogs and their parents. Corporate makes sure each franchisee fits into the dog-first Scenthound culture, while each franchisee is in charge of who they hire, making sure they have what it takes to join our pack.

 4.     We Move Quickly

Most Scenthound services are completed in about 20 minutes. For dog parents, that means in the time it takes for them to grab a cup of coffee, they will come back to a dog that is fresh, clean and ready for cuddles. For Scenthound franchisees, that means being able to provide services to more Scenthound members, even while operating with a small staff.

We’re also applying our need for speed to our overall brand growth. Scenthound has big plans for expansion. Now is the time to explore the Scenthound franchise opportunity.

 5.     We’re Changing the Pet Grooming Industry

Until Scenthound, dog grooming options were either big box pet supply stores, unsophisticated mom-and-pop shops or pricey veterinary offices. Scenthound has perfected the business model, so dog parents can avoid costly vet visits, thanks to specialized preventative care conducted by industry professionals. We’ve been disrupting the industry since we sprung onto the scene in 2015. And we will continue to change the industry as we grow nationwide.

 The Scenthound franchise system is active in local communities, is one pack, is full of specialists in our industry, moves quickly, and is changing the industry. If those sound great to you, and you are passionate about dogs, please reach out to get more information about the Scenthound franchise opportunity.