We Provide Training to Every Member of the Scenthound Pack

There are no lone wolves at Scenthound. We work with each other, and with our dog parents, to give pups the best care that we can provide. We teach all of our franchisees how to deliver outstanding Scenthound service. 

Learning New Tricks

You’ll join us at our headquarters in Jupiter, Florida, and in one of our scenters, for a healthy dose of Scenthound DNA. Don’t worry, we’re very friendly.

We’re talking about complete immersion into the Scenthound brand as well as our vision, mission, and values. By the end of your training you’ll know how to market your Scenter, assist your customers, execute all the signature Scenthound services, sit, stay, and even roll over.

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S.C.E.N.T. Training

We have five core areas to our dog grooming system: skin, coat, ears, nails, and teeth. We’ll help you master each one so that all of the dogs in your Scenter get the care they deserve.  

Customer Service

Dogs are easy to please. Humans are a bit more complicated. Our training will help you handle all customers, whether they’re concerned with costs, scheduling, or catching a tennis ball.


You’re not just an employee at your Scenter, you’re the leader of the pack. You’ll learn how to manage your personnel, and hit your benchmarks, according to our Scenthound best practices.  

We also provide ongoing support to every franchisee, giving you personal attention whenever you need it. With Scenthound, you’re never on your own.


Interested in joining our pack?


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