Loyal customers.
Recurring revenue.



After a decade in the grooming industry, we realized that most dog parents have a fundamental misunderstanding about grooming. They think grooming is all about aesthetics. But grooming isn't just about good looks, it's about good health.

We set out to simplify the grooming model in order to provide care for all dogs, not just those that get haircuts — and in doing so, we capture a vastly underserved portion of the pet market.

Our pioneering, wellness-focused model keeps dogs on a routine care schedule and provides monthly recurring revenue for franchisees.

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People want their dog to be clean and healthy

With the strong recent trend towards the humanization of pets, there has been a sharp increase in the number of dogs living on our furniture and sleeping in our beds. Basic maintenance like bathing, ear cleaning, nail trimming and dental care are a critical part of a dog’s health and overall wellness.

No one wants to D.I.Y. dog care

People are busy and don’t have the time, knowledge or desire to do it themselves. There is an overall trend towards outsourcing personal services.

There is no quick and affordable option for routine grooming

The grooming industry has always been focused on haircuts vs. health. Up to 80% of breeds do not get haircuts, yet the majority of options in the current marketplace focus on full-service grooming which is costly and time-consuming. There isn’t a trustworthy, convenient, affordable place for dog parents to get routine care.

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Scenthound removes barriers to clean, healthy dogs by making basic maintenance and routine grooming accessible to all dog parents.

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Affordable Monthly Membership = Recurring Revenue

Our membership model helps owners keep their dog on a routine grooming schedule to get they care they need which means recurring revenue for franchisees.

Preventive Care = Loyal Customers

Routine care keeps dogs comfortable and healthy — it can reduce long-term healthcare costs and can even extend a dog’s lifespan.

Convenient Locations = Frequent Use

Conveniently located in errand-intensive shopping centers, Scenthound provides reliable care in a safe space with a knowledgeable team. 

The team there is always on top of it with appointments and always pleasant. Most importantly they know what they’re doing and my dog is always happy to go! Love the membership. It keeps me accountable for monthly check-ins with hygiene! My husky always looks amazing when she is done.
— Jupiter, Florida Customer, Amy C.