We Love Our Loyal Customers (almost as much as their dogs)

Our customers are a diverse group of interesting people who all share a common love for their furry family. And, when it comes to the businesses they choose, they want to know that their values are matched, and that their concerns are sincerely acknowledged.

·      They want their dogs to have the best, not just the minimum

·      They have extra income to spend on their dogs

·      They like convenience and modern touches

·      They want a high-level of customer service

·      They’re willing to pay more for quality

Why Do They Love Us?

They choose Scenthound for our simple model, and the accountability it provides, and because they know we genuinely and wholeheartedly care about their dogs as if they were our own.

Every Scenthound location thrives on a customer service atmosphere, where education and acceptance are paramount. That level of community connection not only keeps customers coming back, but it encourages them to tell their friends, family, and fellow dog-lovers about Scenthound.  

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Why You’ll Love Us

When you become a Scenthound franchisee, you become a part of our pack, gaining our proven system for customer retention. You’ll learn how Scenthound treats every customer like a VIP (Very Important Pup), and just how much dog parents appreciate a business that cares about their pups as much as they do.

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