"One of the most enduring friendships in history — dogs and their people, people and their dogs."

— Terry Kay

This is our muse, Lucy.

This is our muse, Lucy.


At Scenthound, we’re dog lovers and always have been. In 2005, we decided to turn our passion for dogs into a business. We began as a mobile grooming business, then, in 2010, expanded to brick-and-mortar salons. We met thousands of dogs and their parents.

After nearly a decade in the dog grooming business, we discovered that most dogs are not getting the routine care they need in order to stay clean, comfortable and healthy.

Not all dogs need “traditional” grooming. In fact, up to 80% of breeds don’t get haircuts … but, every dog needs basic care like bathing, ear cleaning, nail trimming and dental care.

Too many dogs are not getting the care they need because dog parents either;

  • don’t know they need it,
  • don’t want to do it themselves, or
  • don’t know an easy and affordable way to get it done.

Thus, in 2013, the Scenthound concept was born. By 2017, we had four Scenthounds open in Palm Beach County, FL. And in 2018, the Scenthound Franchise enterprise began.

Our vision is creating a world where dogs and their humans love and connect on a daily basis. We are removing barriers to that connection by educating dog parents and providing the necessary care to keep their dogs clean and healthy.

A clean, healthy dog = more love.


Tim & Jessica Vogel

Tim & Jessica Vogel


Tim Vogel

Tim is a visionary with a persistent enthusiasm for new ideas and innovation. He founded Scenthound on a passion for business and a vision of revolutionizing the pet care industry. What gets him up each morning is his excitement about making a difference in the business of dog grooming and about helping people connect with their dogs. He’s invested in educating and empowering his team to achieve their potential and continuously learn and grow.

Tim’s big idea has always been to have an impact on the way people care for their dogs… to promote the connection between dogs and their humans in a big way on a big scale. In 2018, he launched the Scenthound Franchise enterprise as a way to spread the love, keep more dogs clean and healthy, and help create a world where dogs and their humans connect on a daily basis.

Tim co-founded Scenthound with his wife, Jessica, who has always been the creative mind behind the brand and serves as Chief Brand Officer. With a career spanning more than two decades in the creative industry, she brings a wide breadth of knowledge and expertise to Scenthound. The couple lives in Jupiter, Florida with their two boys and their dog, Lucy.