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A Unique Franchise Opportunity in the Booming Pet Industry

Scenthound is a wellness-focused, membership-based dog grooming franchise.

All dogs require routine care in order to stay clean and healthy. Scenthound removes barriers to clean, healthy dogs by making basic grooming and maintenance accessible. We’ve simplified the grooming business model to provide care for all dogs, not just those that get haircuts — capturing a vastly underserved portion of the pet market. Our revolutionary, tested and proven model keeps dogs on a routine care schedule and provides monthly recurring revenue for franchisees.


The Story

Scenthound is focused on health, not just haircuts. It’s scientifically proven that dogs make us happier, healthier people. A clean, healthy pup gets more love and snuggles — good for dogs and good for their humans.


The Opportunity

'Pet Services' was the category with the most growth in 2017 in a BOOMING $70 billion industry.


Why Scenthound?

Scenthound is poised to change the world of dog grooming with its revolutionary business model designed to simplify grooming and capture an underserved portion of the market.