See All That Your Scenter Can Be

Our Scenters put education front and center. The moment a customer walks in with their pup they see an entire wall full of information about dog health and how routine care leads to happier outcomes for their furry friends.  

Along with our compassionate staff, that education helps parents immediately understand the value of Scenthound compared to other dog grooming businesses. They see, in bright, bold letters, how much we care for their dogs, and they appreciate the dedication.

We’ve crafted a design that functions at the volume we need, while staying aesthetically pleasing to everyone, from customers who come in once a month to employees who are there every day. And we help you build your Scenter around that same pattern, gaining all the benefits of the proven design.


Scenthound locations provide personal attention in a professional atmosphere where the love for dogs, and for keeping them healthy and happy, always comes first.


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